• Medscape App Lets You Search for Meds and Check for Drug Interactions on Your iPhone



    The world of pharmaceuticals is a confusing and convoluted place. Anyone on multiple medications knows just what a danger mixing medications can be. Adverse reactions from different drugs and herbal supplements can cause serious problems or even death. So how can you be sure the medications you need don’t conflict? One of the easiest (and newest) ways is to use the Medscape app from WebMD.

    Medscape works as enormous database of drug information, including brand-name and generic versions of medications and herbal supplements. It allows you to search for the medications by name or drug class and then cross-check for problems with other drugs you’re taking. It’s a comprehensive and fast way to check the drugs you’re taking without needing to know a lot about pharmaceuticals.

    The Medscape database is continuously updated, so it constantly has the latest information about each type of drug. Besides that, the Medscape app also provides the latest news in drug and medical research as well as listings for hundreds of thousands of doctors, pharmacies and hospitals, each searchable by name or location. All this information makes Medscape an invaluable resource for anyone, but especially for people with persistent health problems.

    This app is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch through the iTunes App Store or the Medscape site. The drug database and interaction checker can be used anytime, even while offline. But if you want to look up a physician/pharmacy or read the medical news feed, you’ll need an internet connection. Medical news can be saved to your device for reading while offline.

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